DTC Description P0016 phase offset between the sensor and speed sensor, Diagnosis P0045 electric actuator pressure Boost, P0053 Resistance Lambda probe, P0069 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor - Plausibility Boost pressure sensor, P0090 Pressure maximum rail, P0091 Drift positive rail pressure (step 1) - low pressure, Positive drift P0092 rail pressure (step 2) - low pressure, Negative drift P0093 Rail pressure - high pressure, P0094 Rail pressure minimum, P0095 intake manifold temperature sensor, P0100 Diagnosis electrical signal flow meter, P0101 mass air flow sensor, P010F inconsistency air mass / flow meter, Electrical fault P0113 temperature sensor flow meter (HFM7) P0115 Water temperature sensor, Water Temperature Sensor Plausibility P0116, P0120 accelerator pedal sensor 1, Disconnect connector P0122 accelerator pedal, Overheating P0127 air supercharging, General Electrical Fault P0130 Lambda sensor, P0135 Oxygen Sensor Heater Control, P0168 limitation amount for fuel temperature P0172 Air / Fuel Ratio (level 1) P0175 Air / Fuel Ratio (level 2) P0180 Fuel temperature sensor P0190 Fault electric rail pressure sensor, P0201 Injector 1 (open circuit) P0202 Injector 2 (open circuit) P0203 Injector 3 (open circuit) P0204 Injector 4 (open circuit) P0216 Injection time, P0219 Engine speed high (rev) P0220 accelerator pedal sensor 2, Fault P0230 electric fuel pump control, Electrical fault P0235 Boost pressure sensor, Negative drift P0237 turbo pressure - high pressure, Drift positive P0238 turbo pressure - low pressure, P0262 Short circuit wiring injector 1, P0265 Short circuit wiring injector 2, P0268 Short circuit wiring injector 3 P0271 Short circuit wiring injector 4 P0335 engine speed error signal, P0340 signal phase motor, P0380 Command preheating control relay, P0383 Control Unit plugs damaged, P0401 EGR air control negative drift - high air quantity, P0402 EGR Drift positive air control - low air quantity, DC Offset P0404 EGR engine, Electrical fault P0409 EGR position sensor DC motor, Electrical fault P0480 Fan 1 / PWM, Electrical fault P0481 Fan 2 P0487 EGR position derives positive DC motor (opening insufficient) P0488 EGR position drift negative DC motor (closing insufficient) P0489 electrical fault output 1 DC motor EGR, P0490 electrical fault output 2 DC motor EGR, P0500 Vehicle speed signal from CAN, Plausibility P0503 vehicle speed signal, P0504 Brake Switch, P0520 Oil Pressure Switch, Electrical fault P0530 pressure sensor air conditioner, P0560 Battery voltage, P0564 Shut-off irreversible cruise control switch lever cruise due to failure or fail status received via CAN, P0576 Shut-off due to irreversible cruise control deceleration is too high, P0579 Shut-off irreversible cruise control acceleration due to too high or Invalid combination switch, Fault P0601 EEPROM memory, P0603 Fault redundant memory EEPROM, P0606 Microprocessor failure, P060A monitoring microprocessor interrupted during initialization, P060B A / D converter, Limitation P0611 injection, Map P061B engine fails to comply, P061C calculation engine revs overrun P061D Malfunctioning EGR DC motor driver, P062D 1 pilot injector driver error P062E Driver Error 2 pilot injector P0638 Diagnosis electric butterfly valve actuator, P0641 Sensor power supply 1 P0645 Command relay air conditioner P0651 sensor supply 2 P0670 No power control unit plugs, P0671 Glow plug cylinder 1 P0672 Glow plug cylinder 2 P0673 Glow plug cylinder 3 P0674 Glow plug cylinder 4 Error P0684 glow plug feedback or open circuit of the command, P0685 main relay control P068A Power ECU stopped too soon, P0697 Sensor power supply 3 P0704 Clutch Switch P0748 Diagnosis electric high pressure pump M-PROP, Plausibility P1131 Lambda sensor signal (drift or sensor signal circuit open)Plausibility 2 P1132 Lambda sensor signal, P1138 Lambda sensor shunting detection, P1139 Calibration value internal resistance Lambda sensor, P1140 Lambda sensor voltage calibration value, P1205 Resistance to air flow in the particulate filter is too low, P1206 Resistance to air flow in high particulate filter (first level) P1218 Recovery HW, P1301 IMA classification is not carried out, P1605 Communication between CY310 module and microprocessor P1606 Communication module HW, P1607 Lambda sensor SPI error detection 1 P1611 Lambda sensor SPI error detection 2 P1618 Power CJ940 above the threshold, P1619 Power CJ940 below the limit, P1623 SPI Communications, P2002 Resistance to air flow in high particulate filter, Plausibility P2084 exhaust gas temperature sensor at the entrance of the DPF, P2085 exhaust gas temperature sensor at the entrance of the DPF, P2100 throttle actuator control (PWM), Overtemperature P2101 throttle, HW Malfunction P2107 throttle, Dynamic behavior P2108 throttle P2111 Actuator throttle stuck open P2112 throttle actuator stuck closedPlausibility P2135 between sensor ped. acc. 1 and sensor ped. acc. 2 Electrical Wiring Fault P2146 Injector Group 1 Electrical Wiring Fault P2148 Injector Group 1 Electrical Wiring Fault P2149 Injector Group 2 P2151 electrical fault injector wiring group 2, Electrical fault P2226 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor, P2231 Lambda sensor heater coupling detection P2264 Sensor to detect water in the fuel filter, Plausibility P2299 accelerator pedal / brake, P2413 EGR Temperature estimated too high, P2452 Diagnosis electric DPF differential pressure sensor, Signal P2453 DPF differential pressure sensor, Plausibility P2455 DPF differential pressure sensor, P2458 Regeneration is not finished, P245B Fault electric EGR cooler bypass, Key input P2505 (+15), Electrical fault P2562 Boost pressure actuator position sensor, P2563 Boost pressure actuator position drift, Plausibility P2565 Boost pressure actuator offset learning, No feedback P2620 throttle, BCM U0422 Plausibility signal, U0426 Immobilizer, U0427 Function inertial (SFS), U1601 State NCM, State U1700 NBC, U1706 State NFR,  
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